Better Social & Relationships.

When dealing with people, remember you are not dealing with creatures of logic, but creatures of emotion.
Dale Carnegie

Your customers are the reason you are in business. Without customers no business can be transacted. Streamlining the ways in which your customers and clients interact with your brand benefits everyone. You can react to their questions and concerns faster, which results in a better experience and a returning customer. Your customers and clients can easily disseminate both good and bad news about your business on the same platforms on which you interact with them – so keeping them satisfied and happy is Job #1.

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Account Based Marketing (ABM)

A strategic approach to business marketing is Account-Based Marketing. An organization will consider and communicate with individual prospects or customer accounts as ’Markets of One’. This allows a focus on a defined set of accounts or individuals and is tailored to best resonate with them.

Social Media Marketing & Monitoring

Actively monitoring social media is a bellwether for businesses. Keywords and company products can be tracked to confirm good sentiment and feedback. Customer satisfaction can wane - Social Media Marketing & Monitoring can mitigate or eliminate this.

Community & Reviews

Your online reputation is an ongoing project. Even one negative review can damage your future prospects. Actively managing your reputation online can quickly quash said reviews and present more favourable content upon subsequent searches.

Feedback & Chat

In the age of snail-mail a complaint or compliment took comparative ages to reach a company. Email and the Comments Sections on company websites have made the interaction nearly immediate. Chat Support goes one step further and provides a conversation that can better address any complaint and forward any compliment.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

A CRM system tracks all interactions with clients and customers. It can also be used to track business-to-business relationships, thereby providing an easily-accessible database of all clients, customers, sales, associations, and contracts.

Advocacy, Loyalty & Referrals

Customers and employees, as well as partners and stakeholders, who are willing to publicly support or endorse your products and services, are known as Advocates. A short video or sound bite can be found by some of the 80% of potential customers who research before they buy, leading them directly to your website. Referral Marketing is more the word-of-mouth variety but no less effective than Advocacy.


Well-known people such as celebrities or acknowledged experts in their fields can be valuable Influencers in the Marketing Universe. A celebrity is recognized by more of a target audience, and an expert may have tested your product or service against similar offerings and found yours to be the best value for money and quality. An endorsement is rarely free but the potential sales could easily bring that investment - and more - back to the company in the form of sales.

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