Let's tell a story about a better kind of business.

It’s a business where marketing and technology function in tandem. A far cry from the silos of today, in our story the CMO and the CIO are riding into the future on a bicycle built for two. Together they gather data and create actionable insights for their business. Together they work to understand their customers’ needs and wants. Together they learn where their customers are and they refine how they want to speak to them, all using the best technology and marketing have to offer. The future is a bicycle built for two. We’ll help you build it and we’ll teach you to ride it.

Running a business is like riding a bike.

You don’t want to have to think about how the bike is working when you’re on the road. Planning ahead and having the well-oiled machine in place allows you to focus on the journey. Sure, you may get a flat but your support team with the right tools will be there to get you back on the road.

That’s how Better operates. Working with you to understand where you want to go and mapping out the best way to get there is part of our Discovery and Insights exercise. Tapping into the talent pool to leverage the best digital tools that best integrate with your organization as a whole enables you to continue to move forward and keep pace in this fast-moving world. Training your team to use these tools is part of the enabling process. The continual measurement and management of the results ensures that we work together to keep on the right path.

Technology - the stuff that plugs into a wall.

Technology has become the foundation in all areas of a business. From operations to finance to marketing, the impact of having the best, most efficient solutions in place is significant. Not only does technology affect the way in which the business operates, it also enables the measurement and management of business. The integration of technology into all functional areas of the business must be collaborative to leverage the best solutions available.

Digital Marketing - the dirty little secret of successful companies.

Traditionally, marketing has driven many of the decisions of an organization with a focus on the end goal of promoting and selling a product or service. The pathway to this end goal is filled with opportunities to promote a product or service. Technology has enabled businesses to more efficiently take advantage of these opportunities and create relationships with customers in ways that have never been done before.

Better Culture. Together.

These are the core principles that drive us to create relevant solutions for our clients. Each team member is an integral contributor to the end product or service that is delivered to our clients. Behind the scenes, we find the balance between efficiency and flexibility which creates a culture of leading edge thinkers who drive results. In a rapidly evolving world of digital, we work as a team to continually seek out new technologies to help lead our clients through the digital transformation necessary to be successful today.

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It’s imperative no two offices are closer together than marketing and IT. Contact us to help you make that happen.